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Suspension Honda JDM NA2 NSX-R Coilover Suspension w/ Showa Dampers & External Reservoirs

16 December 2006
Thinking I may sell my beloved 2002 Type R suspension, so PM me if interested.

This is a rare suspension since it is JDM only and cannot be ordered through US Acura dealers since the NSX-R (NSX Type-R) was not sold outside Japan. It is the pinnacle of Honda performance with OEM durability and quality. This is the suspension from the final iteration of the NSX models, the culmination of Honda's development for the NSX platform. Price new is $4,345.00, as time passes it will only get more and more rare.

From SOS's site:

Utilized on the Japan-only NSX-R model, the factory tuned NSX-R suspension is the result of a tremendous factory effort to create the best performance oriented suspension possible.

Using revised valving and spring rates exclusive to the 2002 model year NSX-R, the suspension uses specialized Showa dampers with high fluid capacity (external fluid reservoirs utilized). Although stiffer springs are used, the fast action, high fluid capacity, high quality Showa dampers are able to maintain a relatively smooth ride on rough pavement or track surfaces.

The suspension ride height is decreased for lowered center of gravity for improved stability during cornering.

F: -0.75"
R: -0.5"

On track testing is Japan has resulted in fantastic reviews from professional drivers and the media. The NSX-R was rated by the UK-based magazine Evo as the "sports car of the year" largely due to the suspension's balance and performance. For example, noted Japanese race and test driver Motoharu Kurosawa piloted a 2003 NSX-R around the Nurburgring road course in 7:56, a time equal to a Ferrari F360 Challenge Stradale.[SUP][16][/SUP] The NSX-R accomplished this feat despite being out-powered by the Ferrari by over 100 bhp (75 kW).

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