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  1. MITA Motorsports

    NSX Type R Sports Seats

    NSX TYPE R SPORTS SEATS NSX owners, get ready for the full NSX-R experience. MITA Motorsports is excited to share the arrival of our NSX Type R Style Sports Seats. We have received a high number of requests from enthusiasts asking for a sports seat that shares similar characteristics of the...
  2. MITA Motorsports

    MITA Motorsports NSX-R Aluminum Maintenance Lid (Coupe & Targa Friendly)

    Our original NSX-R style maintenance lid in an aluminum unibody. The MITA Maintenance Lid allows the engine bay to be visible while protecting it from any debris that might possibly destroy the rear hatch glass. With the OEM Maintenance lid usually on backorder, our maintenance lid can help...
  3. MrHugo

    Suspension Honda Modulo NSX Suspenion 5 Way Adjustable

    SOLD Price: $2,200 + Shipping Location: Hacienda Heights CA 91745 Selling a set of used Honda Modulo NSX Suspension 5 Way Adjustable - Purchased it recently but did not have a chance to install and now going a different route - Came off from a JDM car - Original owner claim he drove 4000...
  4. Arkaid

    Exterior Downforce NSX-R Battery and Bumper Undertray Set (91-01 NSX) - SoCal

    SOLD Up for sale is my Downforce NSX-R undertray setup for a 91-01 NSX. This was on my car when I purchased it. The undertray setup eliminates the open space under the battery tray in the car and was designed to be used in conjunction with the NSX-R hood to direct air through the hood duct. The...
  5. Si Espanol4Yes

    Exterior Downforce DF-R Rear Diffuser FRP

    {SOLD} Downforce DF-R Rear Diffuser FRP PRICE: Sold Description from Science of Speed: This diffuser, compared to the part used by Honda in production NSX-R's features more aggressive vertical fins and spans further to the rear tie brace.The Downforce NSX-R Style Rear Diffuser is available in...
  6. C

    Interior NSX-R Short Shift Bundle

    I am selling an NSX-R short shift bundle that originally came installed on my car. Everything is in perfect, like new condition. This kit shortens up/down throws but doesn't change side to side movement. Included in the sale are the following: - OEM NSX-R 2002+ NA2 shift boot (light weight...
  7. M666 EDD

    Wheels Genuine NSX-R 2003 wheels - United Kingdom

    I wish to sell a set of genuine NSX Type R 2003 wheels. They are currently in my loft so this evening I will take them out and take some decent photos. They were originally purchased by the previous owner of my car from Procar Specials in Germany. They could do with a refurbish as the prior...
  8. Kaitekiyoukai

    Exterior NSX-R Rear Tail Light Set

    NSX-R 3 piece rear tail light set. 1 left, 1 middle and 1 right tail light included. $1350.00 + shipping. Contact Ryan at [email protected]
  9. Kaitekiyoukai

    NSX-R Lower Chassis Reinforcement Bar

    NSX-R lower chassis reinforcement bar. $100.00 + shipping. Contact Ryan at [email protected].
  10. Kaitekiyoukai

    NSX-R Shift Boot

    NSX-R shift boot. $120.00 + shipping. Contact Ryan at [email protected]
  11. Kaitekiyoukai

    NSX-R Intake Manifold Set

    NSX-R intake manifold cover and plate. $550.00 + shipping. Paypal payment preferred. Contact Ryan at [email protected].
  12. Kaitekiyoukai

    NSX-R Pedal Set

    NSX-R 3 piece pedal set. 1 clutch pedal cover, 1 brake pedal cover and 1 accelerator cover with lever installation. $250.00 + shipping. Paypal preferred payment. Contact Ryan @ [email protected].
  13. notslow

    NSX-R Spoiler, NEW, Berlina Black

    This Cantrell Concepts NSX-R spoiler was painted and never installed. It is an actual replica of the NSX-R spoiler, with correct shape and fit. Professionally painted factory Berlina black. It's been collecting dust, but still in perfect condition. Includes third brake light. Cost 1,500.00...
  14. amgnsx

    Pride NEW NSX-R Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Review

    Hi Prime I usually don’t write up a review of a product unless I am really happy with the purchase. I recently just purchased and installed the NEW Pride NSX-R Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler. This is a direct copy of the NSX-R Wing. It has the curved upper part and has a 3rd brake light just like...
  15. PhAnToM

    FS: SoCal - Brand New OEM 02+ NSX-R Interior parts & 02+ Decklid Spoiler

    Hello Fellow Prime Members! Here are a few items I have for sale. I'd prefer to sell the interior parts as a whole. OEM NSX-R NSX-R 02+ A Pillar covers - 345 ( + shipping ) Brand New ⬇ ---------------------------------------------- NSX-R B-PILLAR SOLD...
  16. J

    Exterior JDM smoked tail lights - complete 4-piece set with the LED 3rd brake light

    SOLD!!! I have a set of JDM smoked tail lights for sale. It took me awhile to piece this set together and I purchased the left and right tail lights and the 3rd brake light used. They have no cracks and have all the mounting points are intact, since they are used they do have some light...
  17. Yokohama_91

    SciencofSpeed NSX-R Engine Cover - carbon fiber

    I am interested in buying SOS's NSX-R engine cover but can't decide on FRP or exposed carbon fiber, SOS for some reason won't send me a picture of the carbon fiber version??? So can a Primer give me a link to a picture of the carbon finer version? Thanks Simon
  18. S

    Anyone know this car? "1997 NSX-T "NSX-R Conversion"- $150,000

    Wondering if anyone is familiar with this car? I know that there was an NSX-R conversion on Prime... But I didn't remember it being a targa. Neither did I remember it being listed for $150,000. I think that this is the highest price I've spotted online. Thoughts? VIN: JH4NA2166VT000249...
  19. E

    Used Aftermarket Black NSX-R Floor Mats - Fair Condition

    For Sale: Used Floor Mats in Black with NSX-R embroidery (driver's and passenger's) Condition: Fair - needs some cleaning and has wear around driver's pedal area Location: Las Vegas, NV Price: $75 shipped obo
  20. Hugabuga

    The 2,500 miles Honda Test Car (re)build

    Hi Primemembers and Friends Here I go again on a new NSX adventure I had the chance to find a one of a kind NSX that I bought directly to one of the Honda Motor Europe chairman from France Car was an instruction and formation tool for the French Honda engineers for 20 years! It got invloved in...
  21. Nero Tenebre

    Suspension Honda JDM NA2 NSX-R Coilover Suspension w/ Showa Dampers & External Reservoirs

    Thinking I may sell my beloved 2002 Type R suspension, so PM me if interested. This is a rare suspension since it is JDM only and cannot be ordered through US Acura dealers since the NSX-R (NSX Type-R) was not sold outside Japan. It is the pinnacle of Honda performance with OEM durability and...
  22. AdvansCPAP

    Exterior NSX-R Satin Black Lower Chassis Reinforcement Bar Brace - 100.00 - SoCal

    NSX-R Satin Black Lower Chassis Reinforcement Bar. Great condition. 100.00 plus shipping - SoCal. Please add 3% if you do not wish to gift Paypal. Thanks. Email quantex 2 3 at hotmail dot com.
  23. CK_SB

    Downforce NA2 NSX-R CF hood

    Carbon hood for the 2002-2005 models, or any NSX with 02+ headlight conversion. I purchased this hood, used, directly from Peter at Downforce as a first step in converting my NA1 car to NA2 headlights. I have decided against this mod so the hood is available at this time. The hood is the full...
  24. G

    Exterior Nsx-r cf hood

    Anyone have a cf ducted hood for sale?