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Honda Shinetsu Silicone Grease

14 April 2008
Vancouver, BC
Has anyone used this before? From my understanding this thing can make window seals, door seals, basically everything soft and rubbery keeps it fresh and soft like brand spanking new =D insights?
Shin-Etsu works very well in keeping the rubber seals pliable. I recommend that if this is your first time using Shin-Etsu to clean your seals first. Apply a thin coat with your fingers in order to get into the folds/tight recesses of the seals and then allow to cure for a day. You will notice that in most cases the seals will in fact swell some and soften up. If the rubber is very dry a second coat may be needed. Just remember a little goes a long way.
Re: Honda Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease

I attempt to treat all of our NSX's rubber seals once per year with Shin-Etsu silicone. It can be quite time-consuming as there is a lot of rubber, especially in/around the doors/Targa.
What I usually do is treat one segment at a time... i.e. the trunk area; the front hood area; the passenger compartment area. I try to open the portion of the NSX I intend to treat up to the sun to warm the rubber (after gently cleaning the rubber first). Then apply Shin-Etsu by hand and let it "bake" under the sun for a couple of hours. Then let it cool, and again run hand/fingers over it to "rub in" and distribute the silicone evenly.
Even though the NSX resides in a garage, the rubber always seems thirsty and feels relieved to be treated. Plus, if you show your NSX, it looks fantastic!
wow, never knew this product has been used by primers/other honda users until a couple hours ago since i posted! looks like I'll have to get my hands on to some of this special lube and start rubbin it on my X :biggrin:
This grease is Honda P/N 08798-9013

Really good stuff.

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I sware by it! Great stuff. I took the time and cleaned and applied this to my X, it helped salve a small leak issue I had on my targa. A little goes a long way, I used a rubber glove to apply it.