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horn and cig lighter

23 February 2008
So I have everything fixed on the car since I bought it from the micro fan by the E brake that was making noise to the tail light drill trick and so on.
I only have a few remaining little "fix-its" that I need some help with.
My horn and my cig lighter will work when they want to. I have my car charger plugged in and all of a sudden it will stop charging. I will be driving along and all of a sudden I will acidently hit the horn (that usually doesnt work) and it beeps.
Any ideas of what might be wrong?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. I love how long second is. I have never counted so many "nice cars" and "what is that" in my life. I play a little game some times and count how many head turns I get in 1 day :biggrin:
i had about the same problems with ym car after i got it fixed from the accident it was in...anyway took it to the dealer and it was the ground wires they where not geting good contact.
I am not having any luck with the horn or the lighter. The button on the wheel does not signal a relay. No sound at all. Thanks in advance
Is the charger connected directly to the battery? If so i would start by checking the G1 ground which is the cable from the battery to the chassis ground. If that checks ok then the next step would be G401 behind the left kick panel and then G402 behind the right kick panel.