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Hospital, a car crash, a truck and a crap load of pictures

4 March 2008
Edmonton, Canada
Today was an absolutely horrible day. Nothing is worse then hearing that one of your family members went to the hospital. I got off work at 4 and immediately got a text message from my brother saying our mom is in the hospital. She collapsed at work over lunch and had to get ambulanced to the Misracordia Hospital. I drove straight there to meet my brother and girlfriend (she’s a nurse-in-training). Talked to my mom for a while and found out that she was going to be in the hospital overnight. So the three of us left the hospital and we picked up my mom’s car and dropped it off at home. I then drove my brother back to his car (95 Twin Turbo Supra, 46000km) which he left at my mom’s work. Not even 10 minutes later I get a phone call. A truck driver ran a stop sign and my brother straight KO’d him. My brother was wearing his seat belt but still slid far enough forward to hit is knee on the panel, blow both arms out sideways from the force of the airbags and threw the blinding dust of the airbags exploding still managed to turn off the car. He stepped out of the car only to hear burning/smoldering. The car wasn’t on fire but the battery exploded and started to burn through anything that it was touching. The two people in the company work truck ran over to my brother and the first thing out of the driver’s mouth was “why couldn’t this have been a beater car”. I arrived about 5 minutes after and proceeded to take all of the following pictures.

The truck driver was heading East on 131 street and my brother was driving North on 149 street. The truck driver straight blew through the stop sign. My brother said he even saw him slowing down. He probably slowed to 30 and then somehow didn’t see my brother and floored it across the intersection. My brother had no where to go. The tires on my brother’s car were 6 days old. Even with all the traction controls and ABS and the works nothing helped. The truck driver and his passenger were truly stand-up-gentleman about the whole situation. You can tell on their faces they genuinely felt terrible that this happened. The company owner came down about 10 minutes after I did and he to was very good about the whole situation. He wasn’t angry at all at his driver. The driver didn’t try to hide anything either. He outright said to my girlfriend and me that it was his fault. He didn’t argue at all; even in the police report. Not only that they grabbed their stuff out of their truck and even swept up all the debris in the intersection after the Supra was towed away and police report was done. My brother had just registered and insured (supreme full coverage) his Supra last Thursday. He drove this thin for only six days. The truck had full coverage through the company.

Long stories short, what a way to spend an evening and find out your family member’s are in the hospital overnight. My mom and brother are both “expected to make a full recovery”.

The pictures:

The Supra

The Supra

The Supra

The Supra

The work truck

The Supra



The Supra hit the truck going the opposite way in which it is positioned now. The front end hit first, then it got pushed sideways and the rear end of the car hit the box of the truck.

The work truck. Notice the window popped out and the marks along the bed and the absent mudflap.








The truck driver ran this stop sign. My brother was going from the right to the left of the screen. The force it took for the Supra to spin like that must have been huge. Not too many people know but the Supra is a very heavy heavy car.


This is the rear hatch. It doesn’t even line up anymore. It sticks out about a centimeter past where it should


One of the hatch struts



It’s hard to see but the actual hatch underneath the spoiler is all wrinkled








To gauge how far the actual front end got pushed in and over you can see it very well in this picture. The radiator hose is supposed to be absolutely straight with only one 90° bend in it. This thing got squished good.



The battery acid already started corroding and melting stuff around it. All the white stuff you see is the acid residue/burnage. This car was absolutely mint in the engine bay.

Can see it well on the power steering pump



The frame actually cracked
The following picture is kind of hard to take in. The lower left hand is the driver side fender, the upper left hand is the windshield cowling, the upper right hand is the windshield, the lower right hand is the driver side door. The metal tore itself clean off from the impact. This WAS NOT a previously written off car.





Airbag hit. It looked a lot worse in real life. The leg is nice and swollen as well


Mods, if this in the wrong section please feel free to move it. The reason there are so many pictures is we want something we can access from anywhere to show the insurance company’s. For useless knowledge my brother also got hit on New Year’s Eve by a drunk driver (in a truck). He wrote off his Integra and not only that he tried to flee the scene. My brother got his plates. End of story.

Thanks for reading it all or just for looking at the pictures.

To keep this somewhat NSX related we are the guys who bought the curbed 2005 NSX two months ago. It's coming along great...........and will have to come along faster now that this car is totalled.

And for people who have too much time follow this link to read what happened to the Subaru:
Wow sorry to hear hope it all works out.
Back in 94 I got hit headon while driving a brand new Lightning pick up. Needless to say the air bag went off. Those things hurt like a biotch. I remember my arms and parts of my face were red from it but it did heal.

Be glad you are in one peice.