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Hot Wire - 85 Prelude Help! How to?

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
I was hope'n for help to see if a friends fathers car would start.
This all starts when I need a car for my 17 year old daughter and Ken has this silver Prelude in his shops yard. I say whose is that and is it for sale and he says its his Dads and I can have it free!!! Story goes it was left on his dads property by an ex tenant, Kens Dad doesn't want it and its mine for the taking and proper legal stuff.
Catch is, it doesn't have keys.
I just want to make sure it starts before I go any furthur.
Anyone know what wire where to jump to get it to start.
Key switch is in the steering column so I wont be able to drive it in his yard but can atleast make use it runs before we run down to Honda to get a key after we get the proper legal paperwork done.
Car needs some work on headlights and someone just broke the side window, but for free, its sounds good!
Thanks so much
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I'm not sure but on Toyotas you could yank out the tumbler in the ignition with a dent puller, then start the car with a screw driver. Be careful not the break the windshield if you try this.

The problem with jumping some wires is that you have to jump at least 2 wires, the ignition and then the starter to crank. I think the steering wheel needs to be unlocked as well.

What I would do instead is either order another key set using the VIN# or buy a new lock and key set which should set you back probably around $100.

Edit: Oops, didn't realize you wanted just to crank the car. Ok here is what you do:

Black/White is your starter wire. You need to give that 12v to crank, crank only as long as it takes to start the car
Ignition is Black/Yellow Give this 12v before you crank the starter and keep it on the 12v to run.
White is 12v

So, the Black/Yellow wire needs 12v all the time (that is the car in the ON position). The Black/White you just give it 12v to crank the car and remove the 12v after the car has started or else it will continue to crank.

This is all on the steering column and all the wires are thick gauge. You can usually find the main harness plugs underneath the column where you will see the same wire colors from the main harness. Otherwise you can take the steering column cover off and get at the back of the ignition switch. Make sense?
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I have a 97 Accord that doesn't have any type of imbolizer in it and my keys were stolen. I had new keys cut by Honda for $5. The fact that this car is so old, you might be able to make a key for a few bucks rather than trying to hot wire it and take the chance of causing damage. Make a key and if it doesn't start you only lose a few bucks...
Thanks, got a guy to do that today!
I am of no help with the key thing but I just wanted to point out that the Prelude is a great car for 16/17 year old. or at least I enjoyed it...


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