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How heavy is the CTSC?

I haven't got one, but I asked the same question when I called Comptech awhile back. If I recall correctly the answer was 26lbs.
According to this spreadsheet, it adds 60 lbs. I have no idea how accurate this figure is (I don’t even know who the author of the spreadsheet is). It was forwarded to me by another NSX Prime member.
The spreadsheet says "estimated conservatively" for the supercharger. 60 pounds sounds high.
Yes, 60 lbs. does seem high to me. By "estimated conservatively", I think the author means conservatively estimating the benefit. In other words, weight reductions might err on the low side and weight additions on the high.

Animate’s figure sounds closer to what I would have thought. Why not call Comptech and get a definitive number?
Maybe it adds 60 lbs :frown: but your wallet is 35 lbs lighter :eek: so the net is around 25 lbs.

No, no, no . . .

One is 6 lbs, the other is 9 lbs . . .

I have the CTSC in my basement, right now, crying to be installed in my car.....It will be united with its soulmate-to-be THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Sorry to digress.

CTSC (whipple unit only) = 29 lbs. (on my home scale)
other stuff in the box = 50 lbs. (approximately, I didn't pull off the packing, but took off 5 lbs. as an estimate)

Remember that there is a new alternator and intake manifold in the kit, so total other parts should be less than 20 lbs. (just a guess)

So, final weight gain is about 50 lbs. total - or - 60-80 lbs of torque! :wink:

Comptech finally shipped mine. UPS tracking shows one box is 56.4 pounds, the other is 30.8 pounds.