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How tall do you have to be?

14 July 2023
Hello, everyone. I may be interested in a 2017-2019 NSX but am a bit concerned that there is no driver's seat height adjustment. I test-drove a 2021 Lotus Evora which also does not offer this feature. I felt that the seat was a couple of inches too low. That's a $100,000 car and the NSX is even more expensive, yet neither has that adjustment.

I'm about 5'6, so do you think there'd be a problem, looking over the dash?

You’ll be fine, says this 64 incher.

Yup, vertically challenged.
I'm 5-8" and raised my seat and very happy I did. Here is the thread. My approach starts at comment #10.
Seat Height Adjustments
Wow - lots of great info, thanks! I have a feeling that overall height and seat adjustment height is not definitive in that torso height seems to be the most important measurement if the seat rails are parallel to the floor. I'd guess that Ryan has a taller than normal torso height and the 5'11 person in the linked thread has a shorter than nornal torso. Or it could also be a difference in preference. The Lotus Evora I drove made me feel like I needed more height.

Occasionally, I see an NSX for rent on turo.com. Lately, there is none in my area. 2.5 hours north of here in Los Angeles, there is typically one for rent. If I could just sit in one, I'd know for sure if additional height is needed.