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I going to remove the weight(s)

7 September 2003
I have those blasted outside, crimp on weights on my front wheels instead of the hidden ones.
Going for new front tires tmrw morning.
This may be a stupid question, but are they soft enough for me to remove?
I don't want the shop to cram a screwdriver in there and I would like to minimize the damage.
Tire shop is about 1 mile down the road.
Thinking a soft towel and something to pry them off.
Any suggestions?
From what I've seen, prying them off should'nt be any problem. That said, I don't know if I'd recommend doing it. A car with unbalanced wheels at best is uncomfortable and at worst dangerous to drive. Can you find a reputable shop that would guarantee the visible parts of the wheel return as good as it came?
Tks for the advice Shawn.
The weights seem small and the shop is really close (35 mph roads).
The shop comes recommended and their equipment is brand new. They would probably be fine. I am extra cautious after my last tire shop encounter.
I just thought that I would be more careful.
Anyone ever driven on unbalanced wheels for a short time?

PS. Got your car ready for a group drive? Last one was fun but a very small group.
Cool. Just be real careful. I'd hate to hear something happen when it could have been avoided.

Car is still on jackstands but I'm getting ready to bite the bullet and pull the plug on my "fabrication project." FYI - I've got a guy with a Challenge Stradale to come with us next time. ;)
Sounds good. Can't wait for another drive.
Is the ferrari from T-town?
Any hints on your new look?
Oh, it's nothing really. I was trying to fab up the front and rear bumper beams in aluminium.

I really don't know if he's in Tulsa, one of the suburbs, or a nearby city. He kinda keeps a low profile.
Some times when you remove the rim type weights they reveal that corrosion from the two dissimilar metals have taken place. If this should be the case I wanted you to be aware so that you don't take issue with the shop that does the removal. This can happen even with clear coated wheels.

The problem can come from the wheel weight, or dirt under the weight piercing the clear when it is hammered on at the time of balancing.
I decided to let the shop take off the weights and they did a good job and only minimum markings where there.
For the second time with this car, the mounting equipment left some marks on the 97 wheels. This time in the middle more than the edges.
I will try to polish them out without going through the clearcoat. They look more like pressure rubs than sharp scratches.
Is there any equipment out there that can mount/dismount tires without marking up/scratching these wheels?
Sure there are and they are at most tire shops, but they are only as good as the person using them.
I will not let anyone mount the wheels who will scratch my wheels. Keep an eye on it is the key. One rule of thumb, if those techs avoid you looking at their work, run, with your car as quick as possible. (of course, that's a thin line between you befriend with the guy and he's comfort with you in there; or you are in his way, and he wanted you to get out.) Just like Pbassjo say, it always the tire mounting guys fault if the wheel got scratched.
I watched him from 15 feet away the entire time. I think he was a little startled at how clean the wheels, tires, wheel wells, etc were. He looked a little puzzled. I repainted the calipers a few weeks ago and detailed the back sides of the wheels and wells very thoroughly.
Anyway, they aren't gouged they look more like pressure points in a circle around the highest/widest point just outside the lug area. I think some polish on the PC might fix it. I tried by hand, but it was very slow going.
I got a lot of compliments and questions from the staff and the owner drove the car onto the lift and was very careful with the door. I think he should have directed his best guy and maybe he didn't. Too late now. I won't go back.
Maybe I just expect too much. Maybe some day I will find someone as careful as I am with the car. I did with the stereo upgrade, but it took a year of searching.