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I just want to thanks everyone here...

26 February 2008
for all the help, contributions and information on this site. I've spent countless hours on here researching since I decided that my next car would be an NSX. I found just about all I ever wanted to know.

If all goes well, I will 'officially' be a member of NSX Prime in about a week.

Then I'll post in the NSX Owner Discussion for the 1st time. :D

After that maybe it'll be a mod here and there.

haha....see what I mean. People here care!

Yes, I did. My bro checked it out. I looked at the records and got it inspected. Now it's gonna be shipped.

It feels like X-mas!

as for mods, it'll be minor, he did most of them


Whitensx's HID's
Carbon Fiber Engine Hatch
Rear 2002+ center piece with the acura symbol
double DIN, backup cam, engine start button,alarm

who knows what will happen. lol
If all goes well, I will 'officially' be a member of NSX Prime in about a week.

But you are an official member of NSX Prime.:wink: Congrats on your purchase. When will your NSX arrive? I will be in staying over in Richmond on my way to Victory next month. I was in Richmond about 3 years ago.