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If you want to drive the Lexus IS-F at the track....

22 July 2003

There is a free session, where you drive the IS-F and the GS for 2 hours in a group on Sat/Sun.

On FRIDAY, for only $295, you drive the IS-F for 4 hours at the track, and there will be breakfast/lunch and competitions for drivers!!

I am all signed up! Hope you can make it!


Posted Today 03:36 PM by Andrew Strieber
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Many automakers have had great success creating special driving schools -- they can boost a brand's performance credentials, increase owner loyalty, and entice new buyers into the fold. BMW's M School is legendary, but even companies like Saab offer academies where you can try your hand at autocrossing, the slalom, and high-speed driving. And now that Lexus has its own performance sedan with the IS F, the automaker has decided to throw its hat in the driving school ring, too.

The Lexus Performance Driving Academy's basic course is a two hour session held on Saturday and Sunday featuring instruction on performance driving fundamentals, followed by a chance to attack the track from behind the wheel of an IS 250, IS 350, GS 460, and GS 450h. In addition participants get to ride along with a professional driver for a hot lap in the IS F, experiencing Lexus' new performance machine at its limits.

If you have a Friday free you can upgrade to the four and a half hour "Ultimate" session, which offers drivers the chance to take part in a relay rally race, timed autocross, and a lead/follow exercise on the track testing full-on acceleration and hard braking. Oh, and instead of the various Lexus vehicles on offer for the basic course, Ultimate participants exclusively drive the IS F. The program also features hot laps with a professional driver, but more importantly Lexus promises "significant time behind the wheel" of their hot new performance sedan.

To participate in either course you must be at least 21 years-old and have a valid driver's license. No performance driving experience is necessary as both courses can accommodate all skill levels, and you don't need to own a Lexus. Each course includes meals as well as additional snacks and beverages. The company is holding events at locations in Illinois, California, West Virginia, and Georgia between May and mid-June.

As enticing as spending a day pushing an IS F into the triple digits may seem, things start to sound even better when you hear the price. A day at the BMW Performance Driving School will run you $650 (and requires a trip to Greer, South Carolina), while getting the M experience costs a cool $1295. Audi tours the country with an enthusiast driving program, but the half-day class still comes with a $595 price tag. So how much will it cost you to try out Lexus' wares on a track? How about nothing? That's right, though it may last just two hours, the basic Lexus Performance Driving Academy course is free -- and the Ultimate session with the IS F runs just $295.

The original Lexus LS was such a success because it offered an experience similar to German luxury sedans at nearly half the price. Apparently when it comes to driving schools, the Japanese automaker has decided to take the same approach. For more info on the Lexus Performance Driving Academy check out their website here.

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free sessions already gone-
didnt check pay session- gotta see if i have to work first--

but i got on the waiting list!! thanks
Thanks for the heads up on this!!!!!!

I am signed up for the Friday IS-F event at Summit Point!
Its such a fun car to drive. To bad i just traded my in for 05 nsx in atlanta last week.
I attended one of these a few years back for Cadillac in California. This was around the time the XLR came out and thats what we got to drive. Hopefully the Lexus folks are more liberal because boy did those GM folks give you the evil eye if you even attempted to take a turn too fast or gun the car off the line. I heard stories of them booting out some people that did. The day I was there though it was pretty mellow. I wanted to shake the car around a bit but also wanted to hang out for the free food, so no reason for me to get booted. :biggrin: