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Ilusso Dealer Recommendation

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I recently purchased my 2017 NSX from Ilusso Motors located in Costa Mesa, CA. The Salesman Todd Rowsell was instrumental in making this a seamless event. The previous owner traded in his NSX for a McLaren 720s. When I first looked at the car I was made aware that it had been lowered with Eibach Springs. The OEM springs were in the trunk. That seemed to be the major changes other than some pin stripping and the painted calipers. This was the first new (2017 on) NSX that I was really close to and inspecting. I had a PPI done on the car to make sure everything was ok. That was basically uneventful. It was not until after the sale when I suspected that the strut bolts had been over tightened and damaged that I was able to find out about the extend of mods. As I communicated with Ilusso, Todd was also corresponding with the previous owner. Todd shared his responses but kept the previous owner's name out of the discussion. That privacy is good and should be supported. Anyway come to find out that this car not only had Eibach springs but also Eibach sway bars front and rear. All the work was done at Eibach's facility in Corona, CA. I was also informed that the downpipes were replaced with SOS downpipes by a Acura Dealer who was doing the Gas Tank Recall. In addition the car had SOS spacers front and rear. So now I wanted to find out about the OEM parts and where they might be. Turns out the previous owner still had them all. So I asked the salesman to get the parts for me as they were critical if I needed to return the car to stock or had trouble in the future trying to smog the car. Given that I am in Santa Barbara about 140 miles away this was more complex. Todd pulled it off beautifully. He arranged for an Uber to pick up the parts and deliver them to his dealership in Costa Mesa. I had told him that we would be in the area on a given weekend. So now I have the downpipes, the original sway bars, the remains of the spacers being installed as well as the OEM intake tubes. He had replaced those with yellow metal tubes. So everything has turned out great. I owe a lot to Todd Rowsell and Ilusso for their cooperation and support in the pre sale as well as post sale effort. I am a happy camper. I also found out that I could turn around and sell my car at their dealership on consignment for about $5000 which is a decent price. That dealership is worth dropping by to see all the high end cars. From a completely carbon fiber Pagani to the plug in Ferrari.
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My son and I went to see them last Spring for a visit - and even knowing we were there to "sightsee" and not looking to buy, they treated us fantastically well and could not have been nicer. These guys are probably one of the top two "hypercar" or supercar dealers in the country. If you get a chance check their website out for their inventory, and their Instagram site. Did notice the two new NSX models they recently picked up. Glad to hear your buying experience turned out great. Based on my visit with them I would certainly have no problem doing a deal with them, even though I'm on the opposite coast !
Ilusso is one of the best in the business. I have heard nothing but fantastic things about anyone who has bought or even considered buying with them. Glad you had a fantastic experience! Hope you're enjoying the car.