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Suspension ***SOLD*** JRZ RS 2-Way Coilovers w/Hyperco Springs & Tops (As New: $3200) - SoCal

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1 November 2015
Hi guys. This is for a set of 4 JRZ RS coilovers. I guess they are the equivalent to the newer gen, RS TWO's since they are two-way adjustable. They are complete. They have the Hyperco springs. I believe that the newer version have Eibach springs. They come with the tops, too. The history of them is a long story so I'll just shorten it up. An NSX mechanic let me drive a client's car wtih JRZ's on them. I was speechless. They completely transform the car. The ride home in my stock suspension NSX was so sad lol because apples to apples, it was disappointing. I was so blown away that I was sold on spending $5K+ on suspension. Before I pulled the trigger on a set, I came across an NSX owner who's family actually owned a dealership that was closing down. He had his car on stands like he was building it but apparently was selling the aftermarket stuff; if I'm not mistaken, to sell the car stock. The coilovers were mounted but didn't get to use them. I inspected them and they looked absolutely new minus a few nicks from the install. I even had the invoice but I don't anymore, just the old tattered box. Long story short, I never installed them. I have hardly even enjoyed my NSX, to be honest. I've battled health issues and so hobbies/leisure take a back seat in life. I want to start driving the car some more but I definitely do not need this level of performance suspension, anymore. It's possible I might even sell the car but I haven't made that decision yet just because I know that if I sell it, it is likely that I won't own one again. If possible, I'd like to leave it to my son. We'll see. For now, these bad @ss coilovers need to go to a spirited driver that wants to upgrade the performance of their ride, several notches up. I've lowered the price several times on FB and OfferUp but I should have started here. I don't have the time or energy to play the price bump game so I'll just post my bottom-dollar sell-price, which is $3200. If I was the buyer, it would be a no brainer so I feel good about it. I'm in Huntington Beach (SoCal) if you'd like to stop by my house, send me a message and we can coordinate Sunday or Monday. As far as shipping insured, I'm not sure what the best, safe way to do is but I'd have to have the funds clear. I could verify any which way that you need to in order to feel comfortable (perhaps FaceTime with the items, my car, my DL, etc.). Local seem easier but I'm open. Thanks for reading.





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Do you know the maximum lowering capability of these? Will they mount on stock topmounts or will modification be necessary to install?
Do you know the maximum lowering capability of these? Will they mount on stock topmounts or will modification be necessary to install?
First, I keep reading that both compression and rebound can be externally adjusted, separately. So I guess they are all at least two-way adjustable. Shows you how much I know lol. I like toys but I'm an amateur, I'll admit. I just saw the one dial but there must be another.
UPDATE: There is. There's one at the top and one at the bottom.

You mean how much you can lower your car in terms of inches? Generally speaking, half an inch to a few inches with coilovers of any kind. The range is ample. It doesn't impact the spring or damper performance; that's the whole point. So at the highest setting, you'd still sit half an inch lower, generally speaking. The lower the setting the more you'll close the gap. You could potentially ride, slammed. I mean, most people like a very small gap. Every bit lower to the center of gravity matters. Personally, for street driving, I like a snug two fingers between the tire and the fender well. I have small hands so it's not a big gap just not the huge gap you can fit a small fist through when stock.

Good question. I don't know. Let me see if I can Google the answer to that. Is there a reason you wouldn't want to use the top mounts that it comes with? They're the cool blue and if you show the car, it has the JRZ RS logo on display. I can't say yes because I don't know for sure and I can't find the answer online. I found the JRZ RS installation guide and one of the steps is installing the top mounts. It doesn't say anything about opting for theirs or your own, stock ones.
UPDATE: Apparently, you can use the stock ones for best ride quality (quieter and less vibration). I didn't find anything mentioning that modification is required. You can use the JRZ ones for best precise control of the shock absorber (with possible noise and/or vibration). As I was researching, I came across someone with a JRZ's on a GTR who said that his NSX and Civic, on JRZ's were quite.

I hope that helps. Thanks for the questions. The info was not easy to find but good to know.
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Great, that really helped clarify things. Like you, I’m new to the NSX world, and I like nice things :) Sent you a PM
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