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Independent Atlanta NSX Mechanic

4 December 2006
I am looking for an independent certified mechanic to work on my NSX in the Atlanta area. It is tough to find someone who is knowledgeable and takes pride in their work?

Efflle Chin in Marietta. I am sorry I do not have his number off hand but you can search here in Prime under Atlanta or Effile.
B & G Auto - Lawrenceville (770) 962-9233 Hugo Acura/Honda Master Mechanic 15years+ exp. He did a timing belt, cams seals, exhuast, oil pan seal, electrical work, EPS fixed. On my buddy's car. Very good!
Was your buddy's car a NSX? Also, what was the price is charged for the repairs

Let me pull out his paper work this week and let you know. Hugo was way under the Dealer quoted service.

- M
For what it is worth. I had a BAD experience at Balanced Performance. Granted it was about 4 years ago and on my Supra TT, I honestly can't remember the specifics, but it was bad enough that I wouldn't ever take my car back there again. They ackowledged the problem and apologized. But one bad experience is enough. They may have new people, but I won't take any of my cars there, nor recommend them at all.
I'd like to give my hats off to Eiffel of Eiffel's Place.

He recently did a PPI on a NSX I was looking into purchasing.

He took the the time to go through all the items he found about the vehicle, inside and out over the phone with me.

Thanks Eiffel!