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Indianapolis 500 Tickets

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21 August 2002
For Sale: Two tickets to this years Indianapolis 500. STAND A, PENTHOUSE, Box 4, Row E, Seats 3 and 4 These seats are in the upper deck directly across from the pole-sitters pit. Great view of main straight,pits,turn 1 and short chute. Seats are under the roof so you stay out of the sun or rain. Convenient to washrooms and concessions. Special bonus included :eek: Genuine authenticated piece of the Indianapolis 500 track!!!
$450.00 plus shipping
Are these seats in the paddock area? I've sat there before. These are GREAT seats! I wish I could go this year.
These seats are in the upper deck which is called the Penthouse. Stand A Penthouse is toward turn 1 or to the right of the Paddock Penthouse.The Penthouse section is only about 15 to 20 rows high so getting to the washrooms and concessions is allot easier than other seating locations. Sitting in the lower deck (Paddock) is not that good, you can see the pits but the cars go by so fast and are so low you hardly see them. From the PENTHOUSE with binoculars you can accurately see about half of the pit stalls. Don't be fooled by other claims of how good seats are. Indy is a big place and no matter where you sit you can't see the whole track.
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