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Instrument Panel

It does not appear to be a fuse or other things would not be working. The electrical diagram shows that either a wire has worked itself loose (unlikely) or the bulb(s) is (are) bad.
The bulbs are easy to replace. You will need to remove the driver's lower kick panel, then the guage cluster pod's outer trim (four phillip's screws). Disconnect the two green connectors behind the steering wheel, under the pod, and the two larger green connectors behind those. I think there are then 4 more screws that secure the pod to the dash. Lower the steering wheel all the way, place a cloth on the steering wheel to protect the clear plastic guage pod viewing port. Tilt the top of the pod down, and remove at a 45 degree angle.

The bulbs are in the back of the pod, and can be accessed by twisting at a 45 degree angle.

It looks like the ones you are talking about are one of two of the larger bulbs.

I believe there are around 10 bulbs (a guess from memory) total in that thing.

-- Chris

Chris Willson