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Interior Dome Light Info

9 February 2000
San Diego!!!!
Interior dome light bulb just went out. Anyone have an idea of what bulb I'll need or if that info is somewhere on this site. (Yeah, I know it's probably in the manual, but I don't have that available to me at this moment.)

1995 NSX-T
1999 3.2TL
2001 Odyssey
1992 SC400
While we are on this subject, has anyone installed brighter lights in their cars?

It is so dim that I can't even read my map when they are on. Same thing on my 95 Legend. My wife's E320 has light so bright that you feel like you are sitting in your living room. Even my Quest has brighter lights than my Acuras.

Any idea?
Originally posted by CDube:
Any idea?

Sure. Turn on both map lights AND the dome light. My NSX has three interior lights, which is two more than my daily driver. And as a result the NSX interior is WAY brighter inside, too (especially since the roof is fairly low).