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Is anyone interested in a custom OMP Superquadro steering wheel?

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Sorry let me add more info since most who showed interest have posted to this thread.

The price is $299 with a 6 week production timeframe. If everyone who showed interest follows through with payment the price will go down (not sure how much but it will be dependent on final number of orders).

I received last minute orders/request after I had submitted the initial orders so we have to wait until I hear back from OMP regarding the new request. With that said, if anyone would like to order a steering wheel or if anyone who has made a request would like to cancel their order please let me know ASAP. All request must be made no later than Friday (10/28) as I will be sending in the final request on Saturday (10/29) morning.

Thank you again to everyone for your patience.
Hello Everyone,

I just sent PM's to those who requested steering wheels that were approved by OMP Italy. If you did not receive a PM from me I'm very sorry but that means OMP Italy is unable to produce a steering wheel for you at this time.

Thank you everyone for your interest and I apologize that I could not get everyone a steering wheel.
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