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Is anyone interested in a custom OMP Superquadro steering wheel?

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26 September 2000
I'm wondering if anyone is interested in a custom OMP Superquadro steering wheel?

Details here: http://www.ompamerica.com/racing/steering-wheels/od1990/

By custom I mean:

Choice of color leather or suede around wheel
Choice of color stitching
Choice of color crown (top center)

Modifications will be done at the OMP factory.

Just gauging interest that's all.

Reply or send me a PM.


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Interested. Altho I still need to research what's involved in replacing the stock wheel w/aftermarket...
I'm interested. How much is it going to be?
+1 put me on the list to find out whats possible
Thanks for the interest guys. Please PM me the following info:

1. Specify leather or suede, and color.
2. Specify stitching color
3. Specify crown color

I will PM each of you once I get the details of your request. Thanks.
Did anything come of this?
Giving this a day or two more to attract a little more interest then I'll submit orders. Thanks for your patience.
Can we specify the coloring of the OMP lettering on the wheel as well?

I am waiting on pricing and if they're able to accommodate all request. As soon as I get word I will PM everyone. Thank you for your patience.

I will also inquire about the decal color and if it's possible to order it in another color. Thanks
Im Interested also
How much for postage to Japan

If you are interested please PM me the following information:

1. Leather or suede, and color
2. Color of stitching wanted
3. Color of crown wanted.

Postage to Japan shouldn't be much, I'm guessing less than $40 insured and tracked but won't have accurate pricing until I have the wheel in hand.

interested + pm'ed

Got your request and will let you know.
Hi Guys,

I received word and will be sending PM's to those who showed interest.
Thank you for your patience.
would anyone know how many teeth or splines the stock NSX steering wheel has? The spline OD would also be nice.
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