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Is this a valid transmission number?

17 April 2001
The tranny number I found on an NSX was


Is this valid? THe tranny numbers I see, or the ones stated in the snap ringe failure technical bulletins are of the J4A4-xxxxxxx type.
Its a 5-speed on a 1991. I asked for a tranny number and that is what he told me. Im just wondering if it was a some form of typo, and maybe part of the tranny number was smudged or something, so that it read J4AL instead of a J4A4. It seems that all tranny numbers are J4A4, thats why I was wondering if this tranny was a valid one...
Sounds like a typo. For that matter, it's not too hard to mistake a "4" for an "L".

If the tranny was originally sold as part of a '91, the VIN of the car is probably somewhere around MT000900 or so, give or take.
It may not be a type-o. I was told by the dealer that all the trannies started with J4A4. My old 92 Was JSAS, the snap ring had been changed on mine. He verified it himself, he couldn't give me answer as to why mine was different either.

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