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Is window between cabin & engine double glazed?

1 February 2005
Tropical Asia
I had some condensation on the window between the cabin and engine bay due to directing the aircon at it during a long drive.

After the condensation evaporated away I noticed water stains which no matter what I use I can't get rid of it. Could it be that the window is double glazed and the stains are in between the two panes of glass?
There are two panes of glass. If the window is properly sealed, there should be a vacuum between the two, preventing any condensation. Condensation on the outside of either pane is not a problem (and is quite common). If you have condensation between the two panes, then the seal has been corrupted.
Yes and if "corrupt" needs hard jail time :tongue:
You wait until it goes away. There is nothing you can do.