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Italian Hostage shooting, what do you think?

Apparently, she's been against the war and I guess American policy. My uneducated guess would be that she's using this opportunity to further undermine the coalition's position and further punctuate hers.

I really don't see the logic behind trying to eliminate her. If one were to believe her story, the US planning was greatly flawed. 1. It was done in public, and 2. It was done AFTER a successful rescue by the Italian government.
NsXMas said:
I definitely feel bad for the Italian officer, but can't really understand why she would claim our soldiers would intentionally try to kill her.

I don't what the truth is, but it is not hard to understand why she claims our soldiers tried to kill her.

As described by the article, there are two wildly different versions of what happened. The US Govt. version is that the car was speeding and refused to stop after repeated signals, flashing lights and warning shots.

Her version is that they were not going fast and stopped as soon as they were signalled, at which point the US soldiers opened fire with a hail of bullets. If that is what she experienced, it is not hard to understand why she believes what she does.

Either she is telling the truth, mistaken or lying. Same with the US Govt. I am not in a position to know which version is correct, and like most things the truth is usually somewhere in between.
Like brahtw8 said, I'm sure the true story is somewhere in between the two accounts.

Considering all the suicide attacks on American soldiers, I bet they are somewhat jumpy, and may have made a mistake in opening fire. I think I read that this incident occurred at night.

On the other hand, if the car didn't slow down enough or did something else that could give the soldiers reason to fear an attack, I'm sure the Italians want to downplay that, since their possible actions led to the death of one of their guys.