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Jacking an 2nd Gen Acura NSX

28 January 2019
I am about to order a second set of NSX OEM wheels to put winter tires on them. I didn't find anything in the owners manual that was specific about jacking the car. I have a low profile jack. Is it obvious where the jackpoints are? Do I need any special adapters? I had to order special adapters for my Tesla 3, S and X. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also looks like torque is 125 ft/lbs on the bolts if I am correct!
No special adaptors needed. You will see the jack point under the car. It is so stiff that it will lift both tires off the ground
From the 2017 owner's manual (p. 430, under "Handling the Unexpected/If a Tire Goes Flat"):

Thanks to all! Was super easy and straightforward. Love they even include a bolt cover remover tool/tweasers to take the caps off. I just made sure jack was square under the jackpoints (long narrow notches).
I'm using the Pirelli Sotozero III tires up here in Saskatchewan Canada where temps hit -30C to -40C regularly. The tires are doing a great job, but I think my Hakkappellitas on my Vette and STi are a little better, but they don't make a 20" size.