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Wheel Spacers

2 May 2021
For these 2ND GEN vehicles….. anyone know of a source other than Science of Speed (SOS)? Their spacers have been on “Back order” for over 6 months now! Their claim isn’t the actual hub centric spacers but the extended bolts. They claim the NSX has a very specific bolt, lug nuts (I don’t know or understand) but what I got was a “Special bolt” that had to be manufactured and not able to buy off the shelves? Their source is in Germany and with the supply issues, Covid, blah blah blah….it’s taking forever! Just wondering if any of you out there purchased spacers from a different vendor?
I saw an ad via eBay: JTP spacers and several others. Try going to the Facebook Second Generation NSX group. Over 300 owners of the 2017-2021 NSX. They can probably give you sources.
Anyone have any knowledge about these “wheel bolts”?
According to SOS….. they’re something unique or special about them…../ and then their “Forging process”?
I’ve had custom hub centric wheel spacers on all my sport cars……
I know there isn’t much of an aftermarket support for these NSX’s due to their limited production numbers……. But I have a hard time believing SOS is the only game in town on spacers for our cars??
They are "special" lug bolts because Honda uses ball seats rather than the more common taper seats. Otherwise, you could use any 14x1.5mm threaded lug bolts of the appropriate length. Finding one that also has a ball seat is the issue.
Appreciate the explanation! Makes more sense now…… the actual spacers are routine to custom make…. It’s those extended bolts that are the issue! Since such a limited production vehicle….. no one wants to be bothered fabricating those Bolts others than SOS! So…… my wait goes on…..