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JH4NA1185TT000445 frame and body photos

1 January 2012
Hello, got my photos. Bought it now on e-bay $25,000, 40,000 miles no inspection, only info from seller was " it has been a great car for 8 years. rebuilt title. did a close inspection and frame appears to be fine. sub assemblies attached to frame have been worked on, but dont look to bad for a rebuilt title. front wrap has been repainted, sloppy reassembly. I will disassemble and reassemble properly. Car runs excellent, everything works. drives straight and true, front tires have been on since accident 8,000 miles ago and are wearing almost identical. A little more on inside edges than outside. Is this normal? What do you think? Please ask questions.


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Tire wear is from improper alignment unless they wanted the camber to be that way. Shouldn't be a big deal unless something is bent up down there bad enough that they were unable to adjust the camber enough
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cool as long as it drives straight and true you good.
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Your purchase seems to me to be quite a buy...assuming the damage was properly repaired. Should you come to sell in the future, you may have a limited buyer market due to the salvage title...but may be able to get close to what you paid. In the mean time, enjoy the car. siD
Thanks for reply, yeah, the previous owner owned it for eight years. Said it has been a great car. So I said to myself, for $25,000 it is my turn to enjoy it. I really love it and will probably never sell it. With all the engineering, and race car looks, and Honda reliability. I feel like I am climbing into an Indy car or Formula 1. It is good to own a factory race car. :smile:
Good buy, I appreciate the nsx if its salvage or clean not like some other primers. remember not to let all that "pristine mint condition" talk you will hear on prime get to your head.