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John McCain Racing

23 December 2006
Dublin, California
I felt a little play with my steering so I posted in the "NSX Parts Wanted" section to look for a used rack. "John McCain Racing" contacted me and asked if I could rush the check out to him for $700, so I did due to respect and believe that I have for all Prime members on this forum, and the check was cashed on 6/20/08. After waiting for 2 weeks with no response I contacted John for status and he said the rack would be shipped out the following week on his day off. It has been two months since the check was cashed and after a few times of promising to ship out the rack, I decided to contact John again by both PM and cell phone, and still no response what so ever. I waited patiently for one more week until today before I decided to send out this thread to give others a heads up cause there is no need for more victims and I believe NO PRIME MEMBER SHOULD BE VICTIMIZED ON THIS GREAT FORUM. I was hoping to have my steering fixed before the EXPO event but sadly that I have wasted more than two months and now have to search for different leads or possibly purchase a brand new one and doubt that my car would be ready for the EXPO. I will not let one bad judgement individual spoil the bond of this forum cause I always believe what goes around, comes around. This is John's contact in case you have an advice for him regarding the basic principle of doing business "when you take someone's money, deliver the goods".

Pohanka Acura
John McCain
13911 Lee Jackson Hwy
Chantilly, VA 20120

Thanks for taking time to read this thread.


It's unfortunate, but I had a similar experience with John McCain a few years back. Although the "purchase" was for a smaller dollar amount, I too was strung along. I did finally get my money back, but it was disrespectful of my time and patience.

I will tell you (and others) that there are some slime ball NSX owners out there. I have been stabbed in the back by someone well know here (not a vendor) that costs me MONTHS without thousands of dollars of my money and in the end I lost hundreds of dollars while he greatly benefited from my loss. :mad: :rolleyes:

Now, with all that being said, on the flip side, the friends and people I've met greatly out weight those few bad apples. I'm still glad to be a part of this community. :smile:

Good luck with your dilema,
- Zishan

Wow I finally here from you!!! I've gotten so many phone calls this morning about this thread. I'll PM you and get this all straightened out.

I'm not going to get into bashing someone or play the he said, blah, blah game. Phong please send me a PM or call me ASAP.

Well, I got a response from John this morning after sending a PM and calling him yesterday as requested. He said he would ship the rack out tomorrow on 2nd day delivery and I would receive it by Monday. I'm keeping my fingers X, will post again once the rack is in my hands.

Thanks for sharing your experience and the encouraging words.

Wow! I actually got to hold the rack on Monday, 9/8, when it arrived and had it installed today. Feel a little tighter but not much different from my original rack so mine might still be good. I definitely need an alignment, especially in the rear. Anyway, John said he would give me some left over parts in his garage or some money to compensate the 2.5 months loss, yeah right.....nothing.....just what I was expected based on the type of person he was/is, I'm just glad to receive the rack and close out this ridiculous business transaction. I will for sure check the buyer/seller experience section next time before making any purchase, so much for trusting and giving respect to others as I have been receiving.


I've gotten so many phone calls this morning about this thread. I'll PM you and get this all straightened out.


Thanks to those who gave John some wake up calls and a reality check.
Bought a part from John and after almost 3 weeks now I haven't heard anything from him. No product - No reply...I PMed him several times but still already. Anyone knows him personally? Any advice? :frown: