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July 23rd - Asheville to Deal's Gap Mtn Cruise

26 May 2003
Spartanburg, SC
Yep it's back
July 23rd weekend
hold on to your hats


more details soon, just spreading the word for now
but if you must, visit this link for the latest info:
To get to the Arboretum take Hwy 191 (off of Exit 33 shown above) towards the Biltmore Mall. Soon you'll see signs to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and shortly after the Arboretum will be on your right.

It's $6 to enter, so therefore $6 to be marked as being on the official cruise. At the arboretum I'll give everyone a rundown of how to drive, and give everyone a teeny tiny sticker to put on their windows to signify they're apart of the cruise... This is for the "bandits" that join in later, yet drive like asses.

The route is plainly illustrated by the graphic, if you have any questions then please ask.

A lot of us are staying at the Fontana Village Resort near the famous Deal's Gap (828-498-2211). That night we'll grill some burgers and drink plenty of burr.

Basically just a relaxing weekend in the mountains with fellow car enthusiasts. This year we're keeping the event smaller by shortening the notice, and the $6 entry fee at the Arboretum. So come if you can! You're sure to have a great weekend.
I beg to differ, that road is made for a torquey '99 Impreza 2.5 RS with AWD ;)

sjones on this board has confirmed going, so you won't be the only NSX there
HighTachPres said:
I beg to differ, that road is made for a torquey '99 Impreza 2.5 RS with AWD ;)

Does a 2.5 RS have more torque than a 3.0 NSX??? Hmmmmm, not sure about that one.

What time are you planning on showing up at Deal's Gap? I know a few people that might be interested in showing up for the day.

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:p just rattling the cage some. People will be showing up in spurts since we're stopping in Cherokee, NC to eat, tube, etc. But I plan on leaving Cherokee around 4-5, so that'll put me in Cherokee around 5-6.
Hello- I am interested in going on this cruise..I was wondering this will be my first time going... I read that they were spending the night at that lodge and wondering do we need to make our own reservations? anyone know? Thanks. Alix
Yea we're not responsible for the reservations. Your best bet would be to call, however I feel confident that they will have rooms available when you get there.

We're staying in Garden Unit D at Fonatana Village (phone number is listed in the graphic above)
Hi Clint,
Glad to see you are still running the show. I will not make it this year...Racing in SAV ...The bike thing. Anyway, where can I get a copy of the video you guys did of us last year. There is a good shot of Cheryl at the beginning that she wants to have. Give me a shout when you get back.
Have fun. Oh BTW, Got the Comptech SC SO IT"S ON!!
may try to make this..work pending as usual... but no nsx i have a new toy im babysitting :biggrin:
Bummer! I missed you guys by one day.

Last Sunday I took the Auto Train up to Virginia, did a little detour to Philly to see Iron Maiden at Ozzfest on Tuesday then headed south by NSX on Wednesday morning.

Did the entire length of Skyline Drive and the first 120 miles of The Blue Ridge Parkway that day, spending the night in Roanoke.

Woke up bright and early on Thursday to catch the sunrise over the mountains and completed the entire length of the parkway and spent the night in Cherokee, N.C.

Friday was spent riding the Cherohala Skyway, the Dragon, Foothills Parkway and Rt. 73 between Townsend and Gatlinburg in Tennessee. I did one round trip on each road but 4 on The Dragon. :biggrin:

The day was marred because there were 2 deaths on The Dragon. I was right behind the guy on the Buell and witnessed his accident. He broke way too late on a sharp right hander and high sided the bike. It's a scene I'll never forget. The handlebars turned sharply to the right and he was flung right over the bars. He and the bike just disappeared into the woods. His riding buddy pulled over and I stopped for a sec to let him know I was on the way to get help. I knew there was a small armada of police and emergency workers a couple of miles up the road extracting the body of the guy who sailed his BMW into the abyss the night before.

When I returned to the accident scene about 15 minutes later his buddy thanked me for getting help so quickly and told me at least he was still breathing. I only learned of his death earlier this evening from the above link and www.tailofthedragon.com Very sad and very very tragic.

If it were not for the road carnage on The Dragon, it was an incredible experience in the NSX. I've ridden all the same roads a couple of years ago on my Hayabusa but I've got to say I had much more fun in the car.

I left Cherokee this morning at 6:00am and got home 700 miles later to Boca Raton at 5:00pm.
One more week, 2500 new miles on the clock bringing the total to 135,000. We are all very fortunate to be driving the best sports car on the face of the Earth.

Godspeed to Jack Wolfe and David Workman.

Sunrise on The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway at dawn

Southern end of The Dragon

Overlooking Calderwood Dam at northern end of The Dragon
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