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Just Added S2000 To Go With Nsx

19 September 2001
Hey guys just picked up a black s2000 this week. Have to wait until the 29th for it to arrive as having shipped from minnesota to oregon. Only 45k and no problems checked out at krenzen honda in duluth. Ironically got this car from the same town as my black 91 nsx came from four years ago next month. All recalls have been done and car is perfect. Best of all was got the car for 15800 and pristine title carfax checked and dealer checked. adult owned and not abused.

Here is my question..... 00-01 had plastic window in back just picked up glass window today how hard to install or change out?

Thanks cant wait for new kid to be home soon.
That sounds really cheap. I looked around for one and it seemed like most similar to yours were closer to 20k. Enjoy!
You can't just use the glass window. You need the entire '02+ top, and even hen you need to modify some things to get it to work with your '00-'01 frame. There's a whole write-up on it over at s2ki.com.

I've got an '04 top on my '01 frame and it works just fine but if I could do it again I'd just pick up the entire assembly, frame and all. You'll be much happier in the end. You can find people selling entire tops/frames on s2ki on occasion. It'll be MUCH easier in the end :)

Congrats and good luck!
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Dave is absolutely correct. Unfortunately, you can't just replace the rear windows.

Check out S2ki.com. It's a very valuable resource that I used to frequent (and still do sometimes) when I had my S2k's.

Great cars, and I'm glad you went with the "real" S2000... you know the one that actually has a 2.0L motor. I loved both mine but I honestly don't like the new, improved 2.2L and softer suspension anywhere near as much.
I don't know why you can't get an upholstery shop to sew in/adapt a glass window. This is done in Miatas, why not S2000's? I'm not saying that it would be cheaper, but if you DIY,...
The plastifc window is a lot larger than the glass window, so a lot of extra fabric would be needed. I can't imagine it happening without looking hacked-up. And a custom glass window the size of the current plastic window wouldn't work because glass doesn't fold. :D

When entire top assemblies can be had used for $1200-$1500, it hardly seems worth the effort to attempt a one-off.