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Just curious

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Today April 2, 2000 I flashed my lights to a red NSX coming from Road 12 to Napa onto the road to Sonoma, around 6:00 p.m. , you waved back. Are you a member of the NSX Prime network? Mine is a yellow '99 and I know yours is a T, you had the top off.
It wasn't me, but I was driving my NSX-T with the roof off up Highway 1 (around Santa Monica) when a red NSX passed me. It was red with an all black top, so I figure it was an older model (do they even do the duotone anymore?).

It was a funny site as I hadn't seen another NSX from inside my NSX before, but one I suspect I'll duplicate many times over the life of the car (I've only had mine for a couple of weeks). Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black)
"Reality is better than the dream"

should have been me, I was on highway 12 yesterday, Wish I saw you. 91 black/ivory


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Hi my name is Doug I was the 91 red NSX you saw on hwy 12 on sunday I was coming back from astore run into Napa I live on the Napa river about 6 miles off the hwy from where we saw each other earlier in the day I was in Petaluma fairgrounds my buddy Darrin wasracing his91 nsx that morning my next nsx will be yellow as thats my favorite color on a sports car I even got my girl friend to change the color from silver to speed yellow on the boxter S she has on order which has a may-june delivery.Doug
Hi Doug,
I thought you had the top off - I did, but of course the '91s are not Ts. Just before I got to the intersection where Napa Airport is located I saw a yellow one like mine - he didn't see me - two NSXs within 5 minutes! very unusual. My in-laws live in Sonoma and I normally take my NSX when we go to visit them. When I got my new 300ZX back in 1990 I compromised and got a Ruby Red instead of the pearl yellow that I wanted, big mistake! I was determined to wait for the yellow this time and I did. Enjoy that Boxster!
It wasn't me, I am on the East Coast...

But, I have to agree with waiting for what you want and getting it. I waited 6 months to make the deal that I did for my new Y2K NSX in yellow/black. It really is a wonderful color combination. You hardly ever see yourself coming and going, especially "back east" where I am. Anyone have an idea how many (or how few) Yellow cars were made from 1997 - 2000 so far? Is it less than 100?