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just picked new 130r white NSX question about passenger seat adjustment.

3 October 2017
Hey guys new to the forum, just picked up a new 2017 130r White NSX with red / black semi aniline leather alacantra, signature y spoke wheels no tech package, iron rotors. I absolutely love the car its amazing. Just have one stupid question. The drivers seat reclines and you can get in a comfortable position but the passenger seat reclines very little and is more upright. Is this normal? I mean i can almost lay the drivers seat down but the passengers no way. Could someone try theirs and see if its the same? Is there a difference between the drivers and passengers seats because of the lumbar adjustments? Or maybe something is blocking my seat internally or its just not working properly. I would appreciate any input guys and I know stupid question. Also any tips on what leather cleaner conditioner to use as this leather seems soft and seems to wrinkle very easily, I might look into seat covers if i can find some.
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Welcome and congratulations

Please get yourself added to the owners section

I haven't fiddled with the passenger seat and will try to go have a look tomorrow

I got some Griots garage leather product but haven't used that yet (not sure how often it is needed to be honest)
Passenger seat doesn't recline that much. Haven't tried reclining the driver's seat all the way down to see how far it reclines.

I applied Gyeon Leather Shield to try to prevent staining the seats since I have the Seacoast (orchid) interior.
Passenger seat doesn't recline that much. Haven't tried reclining the driver's seat all the way down to see how far it reclines.

I applied Gyeon Leather Shield to try to prevent staining the seats since I have the Seacoast (orchid) interior.

Thanks for the reply, They had a blue pearl one with the orchid interior it was gorgeous but I would destroy that interior in a week, so went with the black and red but already seeing dirt on the red portion so gotta keep it clean I'm gonna give that shield stuff a try thanks.
Just Picked up my 2017 NSX yesterday. The options are as follows 130 r white black alacantra with semi aniline leather, iron rotors not tech package, standard wheels. Sticker was a little over 160k. The following is just my opinion of why i chose the lesser optioned car over the more fully loaded ones so please no one take offense as i understand some of the more fully optioned cars will appeal to some.

I looked at several NSX some fully optioned with stickers over 205k carbon fibre etc ceramic brakes both types driven on test drives. When driving the cars on the street there was no discernible difference when panic stopping the cars between carbon ceramic and iron rotors. The ceramics would only be beneficial if tracking the car to avoid fade which the nsx specialist confirmed. As far as the carbon fibre its personal preference but i did not like the look of the spoiler and the matte carbon fibre engine was barely noticeable when compared to the standard black plastic through the glass. Also coming from an R8 with the gloss carbon fibre vs the matte I preferred the leather and alacantra in the NSX it reminded me of the Mclaren and the matte carbon fibre looked too much like plastic much like on the new R8. I felt it looked cheap. I did like the look of the gloss carbon fibre on the roof but for $6k no thanks. As far as the stereo the standard audio system really sounds good hooked up to the iPhone through bluetooth and siri eyes on work really well for voice commands and the apple CarPlay works well for navigation so no need for the Acura based navigation system on the ELS. I am missing front and rear sensors though but the camera is very good and I have curbed my R8 with front sensors many times so no big deal.

Now how does it feel coming from two Porsches and an Audi R8? Honestly This car feels like it can bend space and time with its acceleration in the more aggressive sport plus mode the steering tightens considerably and the car just stays glued to the road I mean WOW!! the Gs this thing can pull. This car is superior in every way compared to The outgoing R8 and the new one ( not to mention I believe Audi ruined the styling on the new R8) I absolutely love this car after looking at Porsche twin turbos new R8s and Mclarens this one just does it for me. I also love the fact that it is less common and is an Acura as i know it will be reliable. Also the warranty on this car is second to none covering the battery and electrical motors for 8 years and the long powertrain warranty etc. Try getting that in a Mclaren..........

So my numbers were as follows the sticker on my car was just over $160k and I walked away at $122k I feel I did pretty good. The cheaper cars like mine (If you can consider 160k cheap..) are all selling out fast and i don't believe the will be discounted as heavily much longer. The more expensive cars $200k plus will be heavily discounted. I was offered a blue pearl fully loaded every option car for under $155k the sticker on that one was over $205k the dealer then claimed he could go lower but was playing the game that I had to come in. Honestly I have learned my lesson with buying fully optioned cars as the depreciation is just not worth it and the cool thing about the NSX versus Porsche or the R8 is you get the same badass engine suspension etc no matter what trim you choose. Even if its iron rotors the car still stops very close to the ceramic brakes.

bottom line I love the car it has some quirks like you do hear wind noise by the pillars at about 80mph but i believe its because the cabin is so freaking quiet(I am going to see if Acura can adjust the Glass on when the first service is due). Also you do have to get used to some strange noises with the whirring and whining of electrical motors and power regeneration. Also with how the car switches between EV mode and full power. But honestly this is the stuff that makes the car so damn cool. I mean its basically a Porsche 918 but a more reliable one.

All in all guys this car is phenomenal and if anyone wants to know where the blue one is with the scout let me know they also had a black one fully loaded. I am happy to help.
Where is the blue one located? What kind of deal did you get? Coming out of a Porsche, give us a review

just finished a big write up of exactly how much i paid etc but i guess it has to be reviewed by moderators. If you can PM me and i will give you the dealers details otherwise I will post it in my new thread. They had a blue one as well as a black one both were heavily discounted.