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Kawagen Exhaust as seen in NSX Driver

Route KS is Kawagen. Same company in Japan. Excellent quality exhaust and the welds are beautiful.

The two exhaust at the bottom of the Airflow page are the Kawagen/Route KS listed in NSX Driver.

Thanks for the compliment Cory. More products are being added to the site weekly. Pics will be up in the gallery soon on the newest 2NR Werks addition ings+1 S2000. This will be the first of it's kind on the East Coast!
Sig said:
What's the story with the Kawagen product descriptions? They are rather difficult to make sense out of :confused:

That is a typical Translation from any of the various japanese websites. They run thier text throiugh a translator program and then just post it or they have a translator cookie running on thier site and it just destorys english. We decided to post it as a funny until we formulate a decent desription based on our assesments. Some of the various descriptions on Japanese website are so funny we keep them handy for some serious gaffawing.

Sorry for any confusion and we will update the page ASAP. Until then know that it is a very good exhaust with a beautiful throaty sound. Todd will most likely expound upon my reply with more info. I will alert him now.
We are in the process of testing these exhaust and gathering video and sound clips for each. As far as the looks and quality, they are very impressive. The welds are amazing, almost looks like a machine/computer controlled weld, they are that perfect. The exhaust cans are small and fit into the vehicle very well. The sound generated from these small cans is similar to Taitec's JGTC Parallel exhaust, but more robust in VTEC.

Route KS manufacturers for the race track first, then for the street enthusist. Their technology is carried over from extensive track testing to their street performance vehicles. They also concerned with the emission levels and have addressed them with the One Spec & Two Spec LEV models.