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KC Drive June26th

8 January 2003
Independence, MO, USA
Ok, guys, sound off. Will this date work for you? Gary. :biggrin:
Might be interested. Any way the drive is headed north twords Des Moines?

No, I don't think we will be going towards Des Moines. We usually do kind of a loop North to East to South of Independence. About 125-175 miles. We don't "cruise", we do the old backroad twisties. What the NSX was desinged to do. As far as the St. Louis drive, I tried to organize it last year (or year before?) but It just wouldn't come together. I wouldn't mind going if someone else wants to put it together. If any one wants to attend our drive, here are the particulars. We will meet at Panera Bread at about 9 AM sunday 6/26 and depart about 9:30 AM. It is located at the N.E. corner of hwys. 40 and 291 in Independence. ALL are welcome (not just NSX's) if you have a car capable of keeping up. We usually finish up about 1-2 PM and sometimes do lunch somewhere. We use FRS/GMRS radios to keep in contact during the drive. Gary. :biggrin:
Gotta look at my sons baseball schedule. If he has a tournament scheduled for that weekend its a no go for me. My wife had baseball duties last weekend while I went up to Mid-America and played track rat all weekend. I played with a GT3 and a couple of Vipers.

I'll get back with you later.
Gary, I got you message the other day, sorry I have been pretty busy and not able to call. Make up games because of last weeks rain all next week and maybe into the weekend of the planned drive. I'm just not sure until my son revised schedule is out for the rain out games. I know there is some autocross stuff some of the PCA guys are doing over at the Woodlands that weekend too. Heck, maybe some can do that if enough can't drive that weekend, you would be welcomed.
We still on for Sunday? Last I knew, it was Zipy, Beaknose, and I, with Tom as a maybe. How about Michael, Robert, or Mark? You guys want to come out and play?

Guys I'm out this weekend, too many baseball games on Sunday. First one is at 11am. I would like to hook up with some of you on Friday night sometime. Maybe go check out the new 810zone over on Roe & 119th.
How about it, Mark, Mike, KSNSX ? Bueller, Bueller........? Gary :cool:
Pete, you bringing your 2 ways? If not I'll bring some. Sounds like just the four of us. Gary :biggrin: