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Keyless Entry Problem

23 October 2000
Oakland, MI
I installed the keyless entry problem in my '00 NSX-T and I am having a problem. When using the remote I can unlock the doors but it won't lock them, also the panic button doesn't work.

If anyone has any idea of what to look for or try I would greatly appreciate it.
I installed the keyless entry problem in my '00 NSX-T

Hey, if you installed the problem, you should be able to remove it, right?

Just kidding, no offense intended

I was in my garage the other night and my keyless was acting up the same way... would unlock, but not lock. It ended up that the rear window was not latched.

The Keyless Entry is tied-in with the Anti-theft Security system. The Security system monitors the doors, hood, roof panel (NSX-T), rear window, trunk, and radio. Since the Keyless Remote also ARMS the Security System, it will not lock the car doors if any of the sensors are ajar. Check the Door and Lamp Monitor on the instrument panel and check the hood manually, as it is not monitored. That should do it. If not, you may have a hood sensor switch mis-aligned, disconnected or malfunctioning (if the other sensors are malfunctioning, they will show up on the Door and Lamp Monitor on the instrument panel).

Also (when the system is working properly), notice that if you unlock the doors with your keyless and don't touch the car, it will automatically re-lock in about 20 seconds.

I have yet to figure out the panic button. It usually doesn't want to sound when I command it... I have gotten it to work once. There must be a secret about it that I'm missing. Anyone else have the answer?

2000 Yellow/Black/6-sp #172
Thanks for the advice! My rear latch wasn't latched as I was trying the new keyless entry. Now all is fine thanks for your quick and accurate response.