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Kudos to everyone on this board

5 October 2000
I just had to interject for a moment and let you guys know how impressed I am with this board.

I own a couple of Porsches and an E39 M5 so I'm always visiting their sights to, not necessarily post my opinions but rather, see other people's thoughts on cars in general.

About a month ago someone on the M5 board said to check out comments some people had made on this board and also on the Corvette Board about the M5. So being an absolute car not I did and have since been following both of these boards as well as my usual M5 and Porsche boards.

I gotta tell you, I am immensely impressed with the level of maturity and intelligence that the members of this board have displayed. There are no stupid flames started left and right (unlike the Corvette forum) and everyone seems to respect each others opinions and the common interest in other great cars (unlike the Porsche Boards).

So from an outsider point of view, I just wanted to commend you guys and let you know how much I enjoy your board. Who knows maybe someday I'll own an NSX as well and be able to join in on your conversations. In the meantime I'll just listen and learn.
we take pride in our work

me want NSX, me 15, me no have NSX =( but me do 3d art http://members.home.com/mcudich
I definitely share the same feeling. I've been into a few car club and quite a lot message board. This board and the NSX people are imply the best. I am currently a member to other club and was never really active, cause of the atmosphere. Here, I really enjoy meeting the people and talking to them. They (or shall I say WE) really are nice people. Add the enjoyment of owning an NSX
This is indeed a fine forum. The NSX lists are just as well organized.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled onto another not so friendly site. If you are bored with the friendly information exchange at Lud's, there is a "street fighting" version site if you consider Lud's forum as a "marshall art" version. Where hitting below the belt and ear biting is allowed. Check it out:

Personally I prefer a friendlier crowd. That's why I don't go there any more. It is like watch Jerry Springer. Interesting for the first couple of shows, and a huge turn off afterward.

Thank you 993TT.

I've been on many other car sites myself and it's alarming how many flames there are.

It reflects well on the NSX that it's owners are tolerant and open minded.

It's also very nice to get this kind of compliment from a Porshe owner.

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