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Laguna Seca trip in September

7 February 2001
Is anyone here from the SoCal area going to the Speedvision World Challenge race on Sept 7-9? It would be great to get a small caravan together for the trip. I know 4 others in my area who are also going and renting a car for the trip. I already bought a bra just for this so I'm taking the NSX. The drive up the coast should be awesome and what's an extra 600 miles. I've been waiting for a chance to watch Peter race.
If anyone from this area is going to the race, what do you think of getting a small group together. 4 V1s are better than 1!
Hrant from the Sacramento chapter of NSXCA is organizing a BBQ for Peter and his crew (I'm the chef) and an NSX parking corral at turn 5, but he seems to need a few more interested participants. Send him an email and let him know that you're interested so that we can fill up those spaces.

I would love to join you guys out there it sounds like a blast! I have a few friends from the northwest chapter going, if I get my car back by then I will try to make it. Can you e-mail me the details?