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Laguna seca weekend pics.

19 January 2011
Got back from an epic weekend at MRLS. Drove up Sat morning camped and tracked Sunday drove back to LA Monday. If you ever get the chance to get to Laguna Seca even just to spectate, you should jump on it. The whole area is as picturesque and the facilities for camping and paddock cannot be beat. We paid $160 for 2 camping spots split between 8 people (cheap!) and they even had showers and real bathrooms; which are a bonus. Weather is just about perfect and as my friend put it- "Humans were just meant to live here".

4runner aero:

Unfortunately for myself, I was unable to bring any of my cars. The CRX was stripped out in preparation for cage work and due to a last min shuffle in sound restrictions (imposed by the county of Monterey) meant my NSX wouldn't be able to meet the 105dB sound restriction for the Sunday event and I had to bow out. I still had a blast camping, getting ride alongs and offroading my truck up and down the hillsides to get different vantage points to snap some pictures of my friends on the track.

view from our tent

Few shots of #Ryneen Rush. I got a ride along with him the first session on Sunday morning, he'd already driven Saturday and was still making a few adjustments to his car. All I can say is HOLY HELL he has this track dialed.- a 1:39 is in the top 1% of attendees and they're driving some heavy duty firepower (gtr, gt3, 430's, SLR, McLaren, Vipers...) when you factor hes doing it with stock power and 200k+ on his chassis it comes down to some serious driving skill.

I'm sure he has a video coming soon that I know will be worth checking out.

Also along for the day was RYU in my favorite boosted (sacrilegious :smile:) NSX. It was his first day out on this track to boot. What made him such an animal was he had literally gotten off a plane from Europe in San Diego midnight Friday. Woke up early Sat morning, prepped the car, packed for camping and made the drive to Monterey all that Saturday... then camped Sat night and was still up bright eyed and bushy tailed Sunday early morning to get on track and drive. A heroic effort by anyone's standard. His car ran flawlessly, as always, and looked/sounded at home bombing down the corkscrew with very respectable times.

There were a surprising amount of wrecks on track. MRLS isn't as forgiving as other desert tracks with larger run offs. I personally saw 2 gt3's totaled, an m3 obliterated and some miscellaneous wall taps from a number of other cars. I don't like to focus or gawk at carnage on track but when you push yourself and your machine you should be aware that bad things can happen.

There were no fires and no driver injuries, just some bummed guys at the end of the weekend.

A good buddy of mine brought his built 240sx and was blasting around fast laps having a great time

Then his hood decided to fail at the end of the front straight. Yikes.
<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BnmJ4SdakBw" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>

Hes a trooper and took it in stride. He was having so much fun he didn't let it stop him from driving the rest of the day.

No hood? NO PROBLEM.

All in all epic weekend. Everyone made it back safe, sound and exhausted. I'm personally doing every Laguna Seca day posted from here on out. Its totally worth the drive from LA.

PS you need to eat at IKES Sandwiches if you head up.

this place alone is worth the drive

Some other cool Honda's out there running around..

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Thanks for sharing your pics, looks like you all had an amazing time. I'm lucky to live fairly close to Laguna and have camped there many times (even staying at that exact campsite). Along the fence and behind those bushes (overlooking turn 6) at your campsite and above turn 2 are my favorite vantage points at LS.
Turn 6 is one of my fav spots to watch on the track now too. Ive seen many many races these over the years and never ventured over there until we camped this last weekend. Its a very unique view, you can really get an idea of the slip angles and speed involved in getting a good drive up the hill- It's immediately apparent who's comfortable behind the wheel of their car just by watching this section.
Kicking myself for not being able to make it down there on Sun morning. Glad you guys had great time. Until next time.
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Thanks for the nice pics of LS. It's a track that I have always wanted to drive on. I wish other raceways had the same type of elevation changes.
Awesome pics, thanks for sharing. Love the setup on the 4Runner too.
Nice review and great pics. Wish I could have joined in on the fun.

I'm old enough to have track time at Laguna when it was an epic 9 turn widow making horsepower track.

Oh, it's still a horsepower track with two massive uphill straightaways...

Great pics, looks fun, can't wait to get back out there!
What an awesome way to spend a weekend! I gotta say 1:39 in stock powered NSX means maaaaad driving skill!!! Too bad I missed out on this. Until next time.