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LED Tail light concept

10 March 2012
New Bern, North Carolina
Sketch of a concept I'm working on for my tail lights. I'm going to do a sequential blink for the turn signals. Red will just be the running night lights and yellow lines pointing to the LED strips will be the turn signals and break lights. It should be noticable enough as a breaklight because it will still be solid on one side and there is the 3rd break light bar on top still. I ordered a Sh*t load of tri-chip LEDs from Hong Kong to start. The mock up will be up on here in a few weeks. Lemme know what ya think.
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The law requires red for your brake lights almost everywhere in the us. Expect to be pulled over often.

White LED's look pink through the oem lens so i would think yellow would be sort of pale orange (guess).

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The will all be red...the yellow lines was just to differentiate between constant lights and break/turn signals. I thought about using yellow, but as you mentioned it would look odd with the red plastic lenses. They will all be red except for the white for the reverse lights that will be white LED panels.
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The angle might look pretty cool but i would drop the small 3 LED's at the end.

Take car when soldering as that is the main reason so many LED have a short life span, solder quickly and with the lowest heat possible. Also use a wrist strap when handling the LED's as they are static sensitive, the other LED killer.

FYI for everyone...... I have never seen a vendor making our tail lights that actually uses static safe procedures. I would love to have LED tails but i would only do it if i make my own for this reason. You don't want to open them back up just to replace a LED or worse, several. The LED conversions cost a lot of money and you should get what you pay for.

Vendors... Purchase a wrist strap, anti static work mat and a low wattage soldering iron. Search for information on safe ESD handling procedures, Please.

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