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Exterior ***Sold*** New Old Stock Apkarian LED Taillights

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14 November 2003
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For sale is a "New Old Stock" set of Chris Apkarian NSX LED tailights. This set was completely assembled by Chris himself.

Asking $2500.00 + shipping

Some of you might remember my earlier Apkarian tail light listing. That set had been on my car for about a dozen years. After having them on Charlotte (my car's name for those that don't know) for a week or so I commissioned Chris to build me a second set to have on hand for a future NSX. That second, never used set is the one being offered for sale here. They have been tucked away in their original factory boxes until this weekend when I tested them. They are in perfect working condition with all LEDs functioning as designed. No surprise there!

These were originally offered as a DIY kit including just the LED panels with a DIY on how to disassemble your existing taillight housing and do the installation yourself. Upon reading the DIY I immediately realized that the skills required were above my pay grade. Here are the original DIY instructions: http://otcdd.org/nsx/Apkarian_DIY_Instructions.pdf

The main section of the units have dual intensity LEDs. With your running lights and/or headlamps on they display 3 rows of extremely visible (day and night) redness. When you hit the brakes all 8 rows of LEDs go into high intensity mode and they are BRIGHT! Looking into your mirrors you'll see the road behind you glowing red and reflective road signs behind you completely illuminated. The turn signals always function in the high intensity mode as do the hazards. The reverse panels also emit very bright white light.

They are virtually "Plug 'N Play". The only mod that needs to be performed is the simple clipping then grounding of one wire. (I included one pic showing this.)

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions via PM or email at hughevan AT gmail dot com.

I'm asking $2,500 for them which includes insured UPS shipping to the lower 48.

I am willing to ship them anywhere in the world but shipping will need to be calculated based on your location. I do get deeply discounted shipping rates through my company.


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