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Left over parts from 02 coversion..

21 May 2006
Atlanta, GA
All parts are yellow in color, pics are available upon request, prices do not include shipping and any payment fees:

Upper bumper, lower skirt, bumper lights, and wings west lip - $700obo
Missing tow hook cover, will need to be repainted due to rock chips.
Lip made friends with the lift slightly when changing the oil. Lip is NOT damaged, just knocked some paint off - will need to be repainted as well!

Hood - $200
Does not have squirters, minor chips.

Headlamps, covers, and flip-up motors - $400obo
Covers have chips, passenger cover is cracked (on the lower portion beneath the headlight - I didnt even see it until a year after I had my car! NOT plainly visible unless you're directly infront of the headlight with it popped up), willing to fix for additional cost. Headlamps do not have the wiring as they were needed in order to wire the 02 headlamps.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Local pick up also available..

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