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Lime Rock Raceway Meet 2002


Just an FYI: NSXCA Northeast Region has an event on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend (Speedvision Challenge Race) every year, organized by Peter Mills (our NE rep). Last year I believe we have 28 NSX's or so. There will be a posting here and on the lists about the NSXCA Northeast event schedule coming up.

It would be great if you could join us for the day also. You can go to www.nsxuppereast.com and see pictures from last years event.

Hope to see you there. I am in NY State (Orange County) about 50 minutes outside of the NYC.

See ya.


Seriously thinking of going to Lime Rock this year. I used to go every year, but lately have been busy with life stuff. I'll decide shortly because I need to make hotel reservations. Thanks for reminder.

Larry T-- NSX in Staten Island

Depending on where you are coming from. I found that most of the Inns in the Lime Rock area want a three night commitment for the Memorial day weekend. They also impose a cancellation fee, ussally 1 night.

Last year I stayed at the E. Hartford Sheraton about 45 minutes from LRP, taking scenic route 44 in the AM is a nice, pleasant fun ride. I am coming from the north, so this won't work for many of you guys coming from other directions.

You can stay 1 or 2 nights and there is no penelty for cancellations. The same is true of the Marriott in Farmington. I stayed there 2 years ago.

Live Free or Die

Just pray this year's Memorial weekend weather won't be like last year's.

Have you ever heard of cars spinning out on parade laps? or even better, the official Lime Rock pace car (Viper) spinning out hitting a fence!
You are right. Last year, I did not even bother to attempt the parade laps. The word monson, comes to mind. I returned to the Sheraton totally soaked with my shoes making sounds as I headed for the bar!!

However, there is hope, 2 years ago we had great open top, spring weather for the event. We can only hope the dry weather carries through the spring.

Live Free or Die

Gentlemen: The NSX club of America is currently working on a very active spring and summer event schedule for 2002. When it's
complete all members of NSXCA-Northeast will be receiving a flyer in the mail listing the events, sites and contact names. That mailing will be followed by a mailing to all non-NSXCA members illustrating why they should join.There is currently an event at Lime Rock scheduled for April 25th, Watkins Glen May 6 & 7 and back to Lime Rock on June 29th.I have mailed info to all NSXCA members.If you were missed or are not a member, please e-mail me @ [email protected] I will mail you all the forms required.The cost for April 25 is $185.00, May 6 & 7 and June 29th are $225.00 per day.