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Local NSX Wheels?

23 April 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Hey guys, quite possibly will get told to move this to WTB section but i dont know how many aussies actually look in there hence why I'm trying here first, does anybody have a set of aftermarket wheels or 02 nsx wheels in australia I can buy? My 2 front wheels are being replaced and I cant stand to have the factory 91 wheels on my car for a few But arent prepared to fork out a whole new set that I will only use 50% of the time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

P.S I have checked ebay, but of the 2 sets on there, neither appeal to me.
I think Sweetchuck has a set of SSR wheels for sale as he just bought a new set.
Send him a pm.

Sure do , only want $900 for them with federal rubber as they have a little bit of gutter rash, nothing that can't be spruced up though. They really suit the NSX.
I,ve replaced them with the exact same wheels but 17" 18" .. These are 16" 17" .
I'm well aware that 17/18 if the ideal set up, its what I use at the moment for street and track use, however the front have copped some damage and I am getting them replaced but they are a few months away, and as I said above I cant stand the factory 91 wheels.....and I guess im a little bit impatient to just wait the few months out. Plus I wouldn't mind having my current wheels dedicated just for track use.