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Lock Smice Gerade wheels

25 September 2004
F: 18inch 8.5J+44 5mm spacer
   Pirelli P-Zero Nero 215/35-18
R: 20inch 9.5J+21 5mm spacer
   Pirelli P-Zero Nero 235/30-20




diferent, but nice
kinda hot, Im digging it.:wink:
You are unique, I'm sure yours is the only nsx in North America with those.Something I would expect to see on the cover of Dubb magazine.
What color?
What front bumper and side skirts???

sideskirts are gt-rom/one.

I agree.. I wouldn't necessarily do it.. but it looks clean and I can appreciate clean rides!
I think the key is with the 20' rear you still got rid of the gap and the sideskirts sit low making the overall profile look correct.
At first glance, I was wondering, what the?

But, there is something appealing about it. :smile:
Must be jdm car. Its RHD.

Saw those wheels on an FD RX7 a couple years back. They were from a garage specializing in VIP sports cars. Looks like the same garage. Love the nose!
Wow.........those are HUGE :biggrin: How do you not bend the rim :confused: