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Looking for a 91-97 NSX in Canada to buy

they are selling for cheaper here in Quebec, prices have gone crazy in Ontario.

2 years ago you would have had that car for around 35 that is for sure.
I wouldn't say it's cheap. But going price. It has been listed for almost 10 day. Still no buyer. Some one hear who thinks it's super cheap should buy it.
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I'm searching Autotrader for prices so I can sell. My automatic has 50k km. He just killed my retirement dreams. There is a Kijiji poster looking to buy an automatic NSX.

I'm confused. The asking for a high mileage 91 POC is in the high 30s. Dealer in TO and private in Vancouver can't sell at 59k and 45k. Buyer says 49k for my car is too high. What is the price of an NSX?
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I was given the VIN and ran it through CarProof, I believe the estimate was $18,850 back in 2011. I heard there was a BIG hailstorm in Alberta that year.

I was told the owner was an older gentleman who was hard to talk to so another ex-NSX owner was helping him sell the car. Didn't hear back from them after I inquired about the insurance claim.
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