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Looking for a '91 owner's manual



I'm looking for a '91 nsx owner's manual.
Any suggestions about where to find one and what it might cost. Also, I saw a '92 owner's manual on e-bay recently. Wouldn't that be pretty much the same as the '91?
It corrected the spelling of the word manual
automatically. Therefore, ignore previous entry.
David, he's asking about the owner's manual, not the service manual. (The owner's manual is the small manual that fits in the glove compartment and tells how to use all the controls and such. The service manual is the large bound manual, the size of a large telephone directory, that tells how to perform maintenance and repairs on the car.)

NSX&RX7, you can order an owner's manual by clicking here and then clicking on "Repair Information". You can order the owner's manual as well as the separate leather cover for it at this site; I recommend getting the cover too.

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Originally posted by nsxtasy:
David, he's asking about the owner's manual, not the service manual.

Oops ! Sorry !

Shame on me !

That little glove box manual was the 1st' weight reduction I did in my NSX.Its in my office if you want it you can have it..

Ken, all,

Anybody know if the Helm's owners manual a xerox copy or reprinted version of OEM's. Thanks!!


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The service manual that's now available is only a photocopy in a three-ring binder.

I don't know for sure, but I rather doubt that the owner's manual would be a photocopy version. The owner's manual is small so that it can fit in the glove compartment. I can't imagine them selling a photocopied version.

Anyone buy one lately and know for sure?
MYNSX are you serious about giving away your owner's manual? If you are, I'd pay for shipping, etc. In the discussion forum let me know hwo this could be arranged. Or, contact me at [email protected] Thanks