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Looking for *careful* wheel/tire shop near Mountain View

22 July 2004
Los Gatos Mountains, Ca.
For the last 3 years, I've been sitting on a set of OEM wheels (02+) which were factory painted white as part of the custom-order program at Honda in Japan.

I'm finally ready to have them put on, but I need to find a good shop which can handle the task without damaging them. Since my car is a '91, I've obtained a pair of 5mm H&R spacers for the front, and a set of longer wheel studs as well.

Can anyone recommend a quality place somewhat near Mountain View that can take care of both putting the rubbers on the wheels, installing the studs/spacers, and finally the wheels?

Searching around, I can find reference to a couple wheel repair shops, but most of those threads are pretty old, so I was hoping to get some fresh suggestions. Thus far, 'Custom Alignment' seems like the most promising place (but perhaps a bit pricey). Plus, I can get an alignment while I'm there http://www.customalignment.com/.


Lots of folks here recommend Auto Innovations
1337 Minnis Circle, Milpitas, CA 95035
(Orlando & Steve)

for Wheels, Tires, Suspensions & Alignments. But I've never used them myself.

I generally have my tire/wheel work done at Foreign Affair while other service is being performed.
490 Perry Court
Santa Clara CA 95054
(408) 727-4884

Thanks for the suggestions guys, those both sound like good options. I may try FA first since I have a couple other minor things to take care of. I also like the idea of a shop that appears to specialize in the NSX, a la Autowave.

+3 on Auto Innovations

Orlando always does mine