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Looking for local NSX tech/house call

7 February 2001
I'm looking for someone willing to work on my NSX at my home in
the Corona/Chino area. The entire speedo cluster needs to be removed to
replace a possibly bad part or motor inside... something that may take some time to find or replace. I don't want to leave my car sitting in a shop for weeks or longer during that process, I rather it stay in my garage.
Once repaired or replaced, it can be re-installed.
My schedule is also very busy so it's difficult for me to coordinate drop-offs and pickup of my vehicle at a shop. However, I can schedule time during the week or weekends for this work at my place, whatever fits your schedule.

If anyone is interested in making a house call and capable of doing this at my home, please PM me. I am happy to pay appropriately for all of your time and expertise in any form you prefer, as long as you have experience working on the NSX and specifically removing the entire instrument gauge from the dash. There are some other minor items that also need attention which will add some more time and hopefully make it worth your while, if you're interested in doing that as well. Please contact me if you are willing to help. Thank you
I remember seeing a thread some months ago of someone who is a certified NSX tech and willing to travel to work on your car. A few folks tried him(TB/WP..etc) and worked out quite well IIRC.

I think his name is Mike and this might be his thread not relating to working on cars. Here is the link.

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