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Looking for my first NSX

10 December 2010
Hey guys
I have been in the market for a NSX for awhile now, but never got a chance to find my optimal one so I'd figure i'd give this a try. Heres what i'm looking for:
Year doesn't matter, but my budget is around 38.
If you have a 91, i'm looking to pay around 25k for it.
Mileage hopefully be under 90k. All maintenance up to date. No major accidents. No salvage title. Paintwork is ok, but title has to be clean.

All colors ok except for red. Prefer a black one.

Mods are ok. Simple bolt ons, no body kits, exhaust + wheels preferred actually.

Forgot to mention: Manual only.

Thanks in advance. I'm in NJ. Let's see what you guys got!
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