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looking......really looking

23 May 2005
hello to all.............
the reason for this thread is something ive been thinking about hard for quite some time. let me jump back in time and give a little bit of personal info. i bought a 94 rx7 in 98 and had it build by pettit racing in florida. car was awesome, 418 hp and absolutely stunning. however, relialbility was an issue. it seemed like i was always turning wrench just about everyother day. i love working on cars but it was rediculous how much effort had to be put forth just to drive it. i then purchased a 94 nsx. i always wanted one but couldnt swing the price. well when i sold the rx7 i waited and saved. the nsx was by far superior to the rx7 except for "FUN SPEED". the nsx was so nice to own. turn the key and go. brilliant handling with terrific power. i then lol...........go married. i told myself and my car buddies that it wouldnt interfere with my passion for car-motorcycles-bike racing. we'll, it did. i sold the car and became the family man. i dont regret any of it at all. my wife is the absolute best. i sold the car to help with buying us a bigger home. anyway, she never pushed me towards it, i just took that upon myself. nobody to blame except me. with that being said its now a few years later and im back in the hunt for yet another car. as you can see, i love rare, fun, unique and gorgeous cars. i would love another nsx but heres the kicker.........has anyone driven the new lotus elise? its the only car except for an nsx that i would consider. i mean in my price range. i want a modena! ok back to reality and thanks for staying with me if youve read this far. lol. so, basically im asking for some input about the lotus or if im wasting my time and should just go back to my love for nsx's. im on an nsx forum so i know im gonna get loads of plusses for the nsx. i would really like a unbiased opinion. any help however would be appreciatted. please dont slam me for this. thanks fellaz.

My co-worker is taking delivery of one next month. I've only had a short experience with the Elise (w/sports package). Comfort wise, no comparision. NSX is much better. Acceleration, still NSX but I believe the numbers are close. Handling, Elise get's the nod. Similar handling/balance to the NSX but the Elise is so small and light. On an autocross, the Elise should be unreal.

If you plan to do a lot of tracking on tight courses or lot's of autocrossing, Elise. Any other situation, NSX. IMHO.