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Looking to contact NSX owner of this '98 Monte Carlo Blue w/ Tan automatic...

26 April 2008
Sugar Land, TX
Odd request, but I am attempting to contact the current NSX owner of a 1998 Monte Carlo Blue w/ Tan w/ automatic transmission, VIN #JH4NA1262WT000002.

The car was originally bought and owned in North Dallas, TX, then sold to a 2nd party in a nearby city of the same area, then ended up at a dealership in Mansfield, TX, and according to CarFax, got bought by a party in the New Jersey area. The car is believed to possibly still be up in New Jersey.

I would like to contact the currently owner, and keep track of this particular NSX, as I am interested in buying it in the future, if / when it comes up for sale again.

Yes, oddly, this NSX is entirely missing the front hood emblem, and front lower black lip skirt...not sure why. The original owners are acquaintance friends of mine, but they never told me why the car was that way.

I currently own a '92 GPW NSX, with 5-speed manual, and always thought it might be fun to add a targa with automatic transmission model to my garage, to have around as a more frequent daily driver / cruiser for around town. It can be trying at times to drive a manual transmission in stop & go traffic in the Houston, TX, where I live now.

If anyone knows who owns this exact VIN NSX, please message me, and let me know if the current owner would be willing to contact me.

This is a picture of the exact car, when owned by it's first owners, taken in Addison, TX back around 2012 or 2013.

Thank you for reading this and offering any help you can.


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Interior shot...


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Update: I am offering a reward of $50.00 to anyone who can put me in touch with the current owner of this NSX!

This must be in the form of a valid name, and contact phone number, that can be called, for whoever currently owns it.