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Lowering on oem shocks?

29 January 2004
2001 with oem shocks. Do they have a lower ride height adjustment or only Bistiens and others? The car has always set a little high. IMG_2961.png
OEM is non adjustable, but oem height is very useful in improved approach angle/speed bump clearance if you need that.
Thats what I thought. Are Bilistiens the closest to OEM feel and having lower stance?
General consensus is yes..
As a historical note for newer owners the standard back in the day for the "lowered" street guy was Eibach springs on Bilstiens. I did the Eibachs alone first and never looked back as many others did. Zero issues that i'm aware of. They were 15% stiffer than stock and 1 1/4" shorter. Your front skid plates are robust and will tolerate occasional use on steep driveways and speed bumps. Your minimum negative camber will increase a good half degree as i recall which is just what many wanted anyway. Your rear tire wear will suffer but your handling will not (OE tires back then were like $120). The car of course will have to aligned and your guy may pull his hair out a bit, but i've always got it done. I would not entertain more than 1 1/4" lower. I'm sure there are many existing threads on this. Eibach has always done one-off's so i'm thinking they would likely make you a set even if they are likely no longer off the shelf. I'm sure there are a tons of folks now making whatever you. Just wanted to convey that Eibach, at least at that time, had a well proven formula.